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New logo design

published August 19, 2020

Multi-upload for media collection

published August 18, 2020

A media collection is used to display a list of media items in many ways.

At the moment only images are supported, but soon also embedded videos or simple texts will be avaiable.

The multi-upload feature allows you you create a photo-gallery very quickly, by simply uploading your images.

Tags manager

published August 6, 2020

Assign tags to any release, event or news, and use them to filter items that will be displayed by a section of the same type.

Events and releases

published June 3, 2020

A draft version of events and releases is on-line.

Image upload

published May 30, 2020

Image upload was a major feature on top of bandgaze development todo list. Now it is available and it looks great!.

Custom layout additions

published May 28, 2020

Added customization of text and backgroud color for content and navigation links on mouse-over.

Pages admin improved

published May 27, 2020

The page editing interface has been rather improved. A "pages list" menu appears into the navbar and helps to navigate while editing.

Custom layout

published May 23, 2020

This feature allows to choose from the rich set of Google Web fonts. It's possible to set the font family, font size and color for main text, titles and navigation links. Also the background and links color are customizable.

New BZ logo design

published May 22, 2020

A new logo was designed for bandgaze, still work in progress...

published March 31, 2020

The first version of website is built with bandgaze itself!

Pages structure

published March 18, 2020

A more advanced page structure is avaiable: each page is made of one or more sections. There are different types of sections, depending on the type of contents you need to display. Each section itself may contain one or more posts. Posts may appear as simple texts, as a slider image, as an index of events, etc.

Pages and navigation

published March 14, 2020

The first version of the admin system is online. It is able to create pages with a basic structure and navigation links: this is what any website essentially needs.

Hello world

published March 12, 2020

Development started today!